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Welcome to home of the enthusiastic IT Architects interested in making IT solutions and their design much more fun, better, and smooth. Our technological areas: Sparx Enterprise Architect, document based solutions: Liferay, Alfresco, eIDAS eSignatures and capture solutions based on Ephesoft Transact. Our Consultancy domains: Solution Architecture (UML, BPMN), Enterprise Architecture (ArchiMate, Togaf 9). Our enterprise domains: Public administration, PKI and eIDAS, CRM, bio-metric solutions IT monitoring and more

We are a part of Slovak mobile public solution.
July 08, 2020

Archimetes cooperates on Slovak mobile ID platform

Archimetes has signed the contract with PosAm to help them to create the signature services for their project of mobile ID application, ordered by the DEUS association. The project is dedicated to the citizens to communicate officialy with the municipalities.

Robert Kuchar

September 15, 2021

Podpisuj service also for bigger villages and towns

After 2 years of operating our eSignature based services "Podpisuj" we prepared the new set of prices. They are more specifically aimed, better scaled and some of our plans inlude unlimited number of Qualified Time Stamps (by eIDAS regulation).
Now there are also subscription plans for towns over 50 000 inhabitants

Róbert Kuchár

in 2021 we operated as a such kind of S.W.A.T. unit of development ...
Spring 2021

S.W.A.T. unit in Slovak vaccination campaign

In the beginning of 2021 we were called to help the Slovak national center of healt information to re-build a system for COVID-19 vaccination registrations, as their actual solution was not able (bad UX design, old and insufficient hw resources) to handle such big amount of new records. During a few endless weeks we implemented completely new solution, based on Liferay Portal (for the doses management, vaccination places and open hours management), and cluster of Elastic Search nodes. Plus public registration form to enter the waiting room.
Robert Kuchar

What Does Archimetes Do?

Sparx Enterprise Architect

SPARX Enterprise Architect, EA cloud repositories and own plugins 

We are using Sparx Enterprise Architect on a daily basis and during our common journey with it we needed to generate huge amounts of both internal and customer documentation. As we needed more flexibility in the process we’ve decided to develop our own documentation tool (and more).
RepoDoc and RepoWatchdog an efficiency improvement and documentation / notification tools

Enterprise and Solution Architectural consultancies 

Our experienced and motivated architects could help you with solution architecture or with enterprise architecture tasks. We were successfully working on several domain and industry like eHealth, Public administration, PKI and eIDAS, CRM, ERP etc ... Our experts achieved several industry leading certifications like OpenGroup TOGAF 9.1, OpenGroup ArchiMate 2.1, OMG UML 2.5, Oracle SOA Architect, IBM SOA Architect, Java Architect etc.

Enterprise Content management 

We adopted Alfresco Content Services framework. We can analyze your needs, and design right solution for your business. Without massive licensing.  The Alfresco Digital Business Platform suite, based on open-source standards, is composed of a number of product modules that are available individually or as a combined offering. They include Alfresco Content Services, Alfresco Process Services (business process management [BPM]), Alfresco Governance Services (automated records management), Search and Insight Engine (contextual analytics), and Desktop Sync (file sync and sharing).

Ephesoft Transact
Ephesoft Transact - Document capture, categorization, and metadata validation in few steps from central server and browser.
Inside Ephesoft Transact server works one of the top BPMN engines on the market - Activiti engine. There are predefined steps like document import, page processing, document assembly, classification, extraction, data validation, export. All steps are fully customizable via spacial editor, and there is also possibility to enhance them with Java code based scripts. So this setup makes Transact one of the most customizable capturing software on the market. Wordlwide. 
Ephesoft Insight
Ephesoft Insight - Big data analytics over unstructured data in the documents among various repositories. 
Machine learning techniques is here in Insight used for not only one scenario. Of course it is leveraged for document classification, but also for learning how to create the network of related documents spread inside archives. Unique solution from enterprise content and capturing focused company 
Enterprise Portals based on Liferay
Enterprise Portals based on Liferay Enterprise portal framework
Liferay is widest spread Java based open source framework for Enterprise portals. Our specialists can design the right solution for you based on Liferay. We can build CMS, ECM, Wiki, discussions or other kind of web solutions. Our specialist operates Liferay Portal for Telefonica O2 Slovakia.
OMG BPM 2 certification



Mcp SQL Server on Azure
Archimate 2 certification
togaf 9.1 certification
Archimate 2 certifiaction
Ephesoft certfivcation
ORACLE BPM 11g suite training

Our philosophy

Archimetes considers every project as its own. The longterm relations, satisfaction, and reliability are a key part of our philosofy.